By Adrian Wilde

Located in Guadalajara's pulsating Lafayette district, Casa Fayette mirrors the changing face of the neighborhood. The original Art Deco structure is adorned with signature trademarks of the owners Grupo HABITA such as stunning city views, retro bars, and pools. The owners worked with architects Estudio5 to turn what was previously a mansion, into Guadalajara's first design-led hotel. Milanese interior design team DIMORESTUDIO was tasked with bringing the neighborhood's global eclecticism with its doors. Elements are borrowed from Mexico, Italy, and a host of other European stylings.  Warm color schemes are accented by rich colors like burgundy, salmon, and artichoke. The structure has 37 guest rooms, patios, and multipurpose event areas and is now equipped wit other common areas such as a library, restaurant, and upper-level pool and bar area.