Spellbinding Collages by Luis Dourado

Luis Dourado is a Portuguese artist and illustrator based in Berlin. He transform his deconstruction of natural elements to rebuild them into entrancing new arrangements. He uses small scale petals to leaves that scale larger. In "The Garden" collage series, Dourado is able to showcase the varying saturation through the stark contrasting and even complementary pieces that are put together. The final results seem to create a new type of floral. Dourado believes that it’s like a two dimensional dialogue that results in a weird visual experience. His creations evokes “a maze of memories, dreams and illusions”. The “Moons” series takes on the role of trying to captivate us with the strong imagery of something so close yet so distant. Unlike "The Garden" series this piece is made out of a single image of the moon. The manipulation is mathematical and extremely precise, there are no elements added from the original picture. The effects of this art work signify a fictitious moon, a type of transmuted planet that keeps it’s original Characteristic, which also changes unexpectedly.