Shanita Sims creates a body of work that forces your mind to soar and reflect on the many possibilities of life. With an eye for formal details and careful attention to composition, Shanita captures a visual balance in each image she creates. Her approach to photography is shaped by a search for authenticity and balance that sets her work different from many others today. As she continues to create her own signature aesthetic through her passion for art and interior design, Shanita is committed to creating images that leave the viewer questioning the method of their construction and the tensions between beauty, color and form.

Starting her first blog in 2011 called "Curb Appeal", her goal was to create a platform mainly dedicated to woman of color. After years of maintaining her own blog she felt that the labor of having to do everything on her own became a bit overwhelming. Taking time to perfect her craft, Shanita took time off from writing to create "The Neat Book", a visual journal where all her thoughts and ideas would become organically shaped while also finding inspirational images to help inspire others.


Wanting to expand her brand she founded "1 Find at a Time",  an online source for buying found and vintage items from all around the world. The brands mission is to provide interior designers and collectors with an inventory of home-ware collectables for the right price. Finding some of her best finds through furniture stores and street sales, Shanita has collected a beautiful selection of vases, ceramic bowls, small sculptures, and food trays.  In hopes of opening an actual store one day, Sim's plan is to continue building her online store while finding new ways to incorporate photography, art, and design.

Shanita Sims' has contributed to publications such as Glamour, ELLE, Refinery 29 and Teen Vogue.

"It's not physically possible for me to focus and stay on one thing. Even if I tried, I could not because every day I'm evolving."

- Shanita Sims