For those who may not know you, Who is Lina Viktor?

A conceptual artist. I work across a range of mediums however, what is paramount is the concept or narrative behind the work, regardless of how it finally manifests. The process is equally important, but concept is what leads. I work across painting, sculpture, performance, photography, and film. 

When did you first begin painting?

About 3 years ago.

What inspired you to use 24 carat gold in all of your paintings?

Gold is a magical metal created in the death of a star, and has traveled over the infinite seas of the cosmos to be deposited on earth by sheer chance. That is why gold is so scarce on earth. It is not scarce in the universe. As long as there have been human eyes to view gold we have been a fascinated with it. It is part of our ancestry, part of the fiber of mankind and inherently has come to represent power, otherworldliness, abundance, and the unobtainable.

Do you plan to feature other people in your portraits other than yourself? If not, why?

The work will go where it needs to go as it evolves. I don’t spend much time thinking about the subject. Although the images are of my likeness they are not self-portraits - someone else manifests in those images that is entirely removed from myself. Should the concept call for another then I will incorporate it. Right now I am comfortable using myself because I can accurately depict the energy I want for the final work.

Who influences you as an artist?

Less who but what. I am influenced by astrophysics, architecture, various African tribal cultures like the Dogon, the sacred sciences, ancient Egyptians, mathematics, philosophy, spirituality. Brilliant minds (past and present) that fall within those general categories have the potential to influence me at any point. 

Any artist you want to work with in the future?

Not particularly. I think those that I will work with in the future will be kismet as they always have been. They will gravitate to me or I to them. People that find alignment with my journey, and I with theirs so there is mutual synergy. From that point anything can be created. I wait for those unexpected moments and encounters because it is always those you least expect that bring you to entirely uncharted territory. 

Tell me about your pieces? What is the inspiration behind them?

The universe and our place within it. The macro and the micro. As above so below. As within so without. These are the principles as considered from a mathematical, scientific, religious, and philosophical viewpoint - translated into a visual. That generally governs all of my work from a conceptual standpoint.

"I am influenced by astrophysics, architecture, various African tribal cultures like the Dogon, the sacred sciences, ancient Egyptians, mathematics, philosophy, spirituality."

- Lina Viktor

Materia Prima



Yaa Asantewaa

Yaa Asantewaa

How much time does it take to produce one piece (materials and production)?

It depends on how consistently I am working on a single work. Anywhere from a week to a month.

I’m quite impressed by your signature style. I’ve learned that you are a huge fan of Versace. What is it about Versace that you love?

That is not really a current influence. I do love Gianni Versace. I think his work as a fashion designer was ground breaking and harkened back to ancient cultures… The Ancient Greeks and Romans which I loved. I love his opulence bordering on gaudiness - but yet always tasteful. However, I wouldn’t stay he influences my work that greatly.





What’s next for Lina Iris Viktor? Any projects coming up?

Lots of projects coming up. To be revealed in 2016.

Lastly, what makes you innovative?

Always questioning the world around me and offering my own interpretation of it.

Innovative Aesthetics would like to give a special thanks to Lina Viktor for sitting and talking with us.  

Learn more about Lina and her amazing work,  @ LINAVIKTOR.COM  and INSTAGRAM