'BREAK BREAD' A Pop-Up Solo Exhibition featuring Collages of International Currency by Sajjad Musa

'BREAK BREAD' A Pop-Up Solo Exhibition featuring Collages of International Currency by Sajjad Musa


Press Preview & VIP Opening Reception // Thursday, July 27th, 6-9pm

Exhibition on View // July 27th-30th

Located at: 127 Tompkins Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11206

Based in New York City, Sajjad Musa endures employing various mediums and techniques, such as audio, photography, painting, stencil, and most significantly collage productions in an attempt to generate artworks that illustrate the innermost cultural motifs of the conurbation, but with ethereal inventive aesthetic. In this regard, Sajjad has announced a new show that is dubbed as the Break Bread. With the pop-up exhibition set to open its doors to the public beginning 28th July, Tompkins Avenue is undoubtedly the best venue. That having been mentioned, Break Bread targets to utilize international currency’s fragments to contest the perception held by the public that money is a facilitator of social separation and division. Consequently, issues linking to daily life experiences, violence, sexuality, racial equality, and political leadership are not exempted. In other words, every piece is more of a pictorial representation for the commonalities amid communities and cultures, thus, retaining money as a conveyor of collective prosperity and wealth as opposed to greed and mass consumption. Therefore, these pieces of art are reimaging the universe as a harmoniously united domain.

Worth noting, Break Bread-withdrawing from Musa’s upbringing in NYC during the 1980’s and 1990’s-can also be taken to denote either the act of apportioning up money or distributing nutriments from a vicinity push. As a result, it is through the artwork that Musa structures the proverb as a symbol to commence a discussion concerning resource-sharing on an international measure for community-building. Finally, it would be of essence acknowledging that as a developing multi-media artist, Sajjad Musa’s principal intention of integrating different creative mediums is aimed at inspecting modern city culture with the use of aesthetics and sounds that are atypical to the intimate life of the urban community.      

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