"Hollywood" by Quam Odunsi | Curated by Khoi Ich Nguyen

The Art of Elysium: Salon – Hollywood on Thursday, March 31, 2016. The Hollywood one-night only exhibition is a solo-exhibition showcasing new and original works by artist Quam Odunsi.

Artist Statement: "In Hollywood exhibition - using vintage camera, the artist --- Quam Odunsi --- captures motion and stills on celluloid that records and documents contemporary subjects in Hollywood with his incongruous tools. In the city of Los Angeles, he constructs scenes and records the environment as cinematic content on 35mm, Polaroid and Super 8mm film.
The new works are presented in acrylic cases and illuminated on light boxes. It's the idea that everyone and anyone can be an award recipient of a prestigious award --- at a price of course. Unlike the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences – OSCAR issue of exclusion and lack of diversity.  The Hollywood exhibition artwork pieces are encased in acrylic illuminated cases --- similar to Professional honorary organization award cases. In this exhibition, everyone in tinsel town is recognized and awarded accordingly.
The Hollywood medium will be images on film and the Hollywood exhibition will consist of THIRTY Polaroid and 35mm film images printed with pigment-based ink on transparency film and housed in acrylic cases."

Curator Khoi Ich Nguyen masterfully puts forth a collection that is unlike others. The Hollywood exhibition captures a beautiful sense of motion in still that record the contemporary subjects in the photographs. Influenced by the notions Hollywood being the place were dreamers set their paths, the artist, Quam Odunsi, uses vintage cameras that capture certain cinematic concepts that are like records of the environment. The use of 35mm Polaroid and super 8mm film on acrylic cases and illuminated light boxes give the photos more depth and a feeling of grandeur that anyone is able to achieve.   

The tinsel town of Hollywood is not unlike a fallow field land that a creative dreamer plows but does not cultivate for one or more seasons to allow the field to become more fertile again. The practice of leaving field fallow dates back to ancient times when farmers realized that using soil over and over again depleted its nutrients. A three-field rotation system was used in medieval times in which one field was always fallow.

Below are some of the featured works presented.