Want to see your work on Innovative Aesthetics?

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What are we looking for?

are you a writer who is passionate about art, photography, architecture and interior design? if so, we want to feature your work on iA . We’re looking for talented writers to contribute original content to innovative aesthetics who are dedicated to the modern and contemporary world of art and design. We want those who are great at starting conversations about the innovations and discoveries that are ushering us into the world of tomorrow. We’re excited to meet new, enthusiastic, reliable writers who can bring their unique interests and points of view to our daily journal reporting.


Whats right for us:

We want stories that define the meaning of innovation. we want journalist, and writers who have a story idea about a brand new project, or an artist they admire; Or maybe you are a local blogger that's in the know about a new exhibition in your town. We want stories that make us feel connected to the beauty of design, and the craftsmanship behind it's workings. 


if this sounds like you, here's what to do:

  1. Click the submissions button and SEND US AN EMAIL.

  2. please include a resume and/or bio, links to writing samples, and info on what you’re interested in contributing.

  3. Innovative Aesthetics will then review the material in a timely manner; your submission will be evaluated according to relevance. Please note that not all submissions will be published; however, we urge you to submit again in the future.



We do not provide monetary compensation for any articles or photo images, however, we accredit thAT links and copyright details will be included if requested.  Most photographers gladly provide us images free of charge as INNOVATIVE AESTHETICS is an excellent media to promote their work.